Psychotherapy services for personal enrichment and rehabilitation

"There are moments in everyone’s lives where you may feel you have too much to do, too much pressure, too many problems, too much stress and sometimes even too much grief."

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy seeks to create a personal experience whereby:

  • Assumptions and beliefs are examined
  • Awareness is expanded
  • Help in confronting experiences that are anxiety driven
  • Modify negative self-talk and test the reality
  • Develop a new and more adaptive life storypsychotherapy-and-counselling-federation-of-australia

While counselling relates more to working with you on specific problems, psychotherapy is more oriented towards exploring how you think, feel and act. A psychotherapist will help you to examine your own beliefs and assumptions, and then learn how your thoughts, feelings and behaviour affect yourself and those around you. Psychotherapy can help with confronting specific anxiety related issues and feelings of self-negativity and then help to modify negative behaviour. If you feel emotionally detached from your family and friends, it can also help you to regain trust and teach you how to express your feelings. 

Psychotherapy is a much more personal experience where you will work towards greater selfawareness. In most cases wearcap-logo seek to integrate affect and cognition (feelings and thoughts). Regardless of orientation, therapists encourage clients overwhelmed with their feelings to think their way to solutions, and help clients who are emotionally cut off to experience and express their feelings.

Psychotherapy differentiates from traditional therapy in that it utilises psychomotor expression as its major mode of intervention.

Psychotherapy is for people with a desire for personal enrichment and general well-being; families and relationship counselling; couples and individuals. Also for treatment in the aftermath of abuse and trauma; rehabilitation following accidents and injuries; stress control in Industry and in management.

The Bodimind Centre provides the following services:
  • Counselling for Couples
  • Child and Adolesent therapy
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Trauma and Loss Counselling
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution

The Bodimind Centre's Psychotherapy Services:professional-counselling-association-tasmania

The Bodimind Centre offer Psychotherapy services with consultations lasting approximately one hour. Our Counsellor, Arwen McCutcheon, has over 20 years experience working with relationship problems, trauma, stress, grief and loss. Any information you share during a consultation is completely confidential and you can expect to be treated respectfully and your concerns taken seriously.

We offer appointments for both singles and couples. Our Counsellor is a member of the PCA (Professional Counselling Association Tasmania) and PACFA (Pscyhotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia).

For more details contact us or phone on 03 6224 4422.bodimind-on-facebook

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