Pilates Reformer classes for Men and Women of all Ages

"Pilates and Movement Therapy is a modality that had it’s beginnings in the 1940s. Pilates is a gentle, low impact exercise program that assists with addressing underlying structural imbalances of the body."

Pilates will help to:

  • tone and condition deeper abdominal muscles;
  • alleviate back and neck pain by improving posture;
  • increase strength and stamina without adding muscle bulk;
  • aid recovery from injury and help prevent reoccurring injuries;
  • assist with post operative recovery after knee/hip replacements and a range of other invasive surgery.
  • provide relief for a range of illnesses including fi bromyalgia, incontinence, multiple scherlosis, arthritis and cerebral palsy.

Sessions are claimable from most Private Health Providers.bodimind-pilates

Pilates is based on the premise that mind and body are inseparable, that what is experienced in the mind is also experienced in the body. Pilates and Movement Therapy require observation based on movement analysis, and always the possibility of producing change. Research in any behavioural science can be given new perspective by the therapist’s observation skills and the questions they raise.

Pilates based Movement Therapy provides building blocks of movement that can be applied to resistance work and have carry over value into daily life. Pilates improves body awareness, body alignment, and develops stabilisers and lengthens in all key joints. Abdominal layers have different functions which develops core control in all spatial orientations.

The aim is for functionality or key patterning in exercise design and for fullest body involvement possible. The Bodimind Centre also offers personalised Pilates sessions for Men. Studio Pilates sessions arranged by appointment.

For more details contact us or phone on 03 6224 4422

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