Remedial Pilates

Pilates is an extremely beneficial exercise program
that helps individuals recover from injuries, especially soft-tissue damage.


rebecca 2012 525x348Whether you have a back or neck injury, problems with hamstrings, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles or piriformis syndrome, we can assist you with a slow and gentle recovery program.

Our fully qualified practioners work with clients, their doctors and rehab providers to provide an individualised exercise program using a range of pilates resistance equipment - including the new Core Align system.

Pilates helps the body regain its full functional movement and increases strength, body alignment and flexibility - important in preventing injury


Support for illness:

There are a significant number of chronic illnesses that can benefit from a structured pilates exercise program.

These include: Arthritis; MS; Parkinsons; Osteoporosis; Incontinence; Sciliosis; and Fibromyalgia.

Sufferers with symptoms of stiffness, slowness of movement, joint pain, weakened pelvic floor muscles, loss of balance and bad posture can be helped with a gentle exercise program.

Pilates will help to: rebuild core muscle strength; provide greater overall stability; improve balance and body awareness; improve muscle elasticity/joint mobility; reduce joint pain and stabilise hyper mobile joints; and emphasise proper breathing and assist with alleviating stress.