Counselling services for individuals, couples and employers

"Finding a counsellor you trust, to talk through those problems, is one of the most important steps in helping overcome mounting issues and to work towards resolving them."


Making your first appointment with a counsellor may be a bit daunting, especially sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone new and unfamiliar. However, a counsellor may provide you with a fresh and objective point of view, that often family members and friends cannot, simply because the issues may be too close to home.

Sitting down with a counsellor and talking over your problems can help you to gain insight into what is upsetting or affecting you, and then help you to work towards a solution or strategy to manage your concerns. Using counselling, or therapy, to discuss personal, work or life issues, may also help you to gain a much better understanding of yourself and the people around you.

Counselling may assist with long term resolution of a large range of issues including depression, stress and relationship difficulties, eating disorders, anxiety and anger management. Counselling is invaluable for treating any crisis situation, management of stress, grief and trauma, relationship problems and any emotional or psychological problem. Therapy sessions may be for an individual, a couple or as required.

Counselling is available for corporations and individuals, dealing with personal issues relating to work and family, harassment in the workplace, stress, grief and loss.

The Bodimind Centre uses an eclectic methodology approach depending on the client’s needs, including psychodynamic, CBT, Gestalt, person-centred as well as family therapy to name just a few. Consultations are confidential, professional and usually up to an hour in length. Frequency of consultations will depend upon the style of counselling utilised and the severity of the problem presented and may be either short-term or long-term.

What Can Bodmind Centre Offer?

The Bodimind Centre offer Counselling services with consultations lasting approximately one hour. Our Counsellor, Arwen McCutcheon, has over 20 years experience working with relationship problems, trauma, stress, grief and loss.

Any information you share during a consultation is completely confidential and you can expect to be treated respectfully and your concerns taken seriously.

We offer appointments for both singles and couples. Our Counsellor is a member of the PCA (Professional Counselling Association Tasmania) and PACFA (Pscyhotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia).

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