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bodimind-centre-pilates-in-the-office-stretchesNo matter how much we enjoy working in an office invariably we will spend long stretches of time sitting or not moving very much. Being inactive or sitting in front of a computer, can be one of the most detrimental things we can do to ourselves.

Think about the sitting position for a moment, flexed on our joints and shortening our hip flexors, abdominals, slumping back muscles, forward head, the list goes on. Attention to our posture and positioning is crucial from day to day.

Taking regular Pilates sessions will give you targeted attention to your specific needs and working progressively on long term strengthening and postural correction. Pilates sessions in a studio with a qualified instructor will give you the most benefit. Along with structured consistent Pilates practice it is of great importance to do regular, short sequences that will help to change your postural patterns during working hours. So…..you don’t want to be the talk of the office by doing Pilates on the floor?

Talk to your instructor about a sequence, but in the meantime you could try these office inspired exercises, compliments of Estelle, editor-in-Chief of Smart Healthy Women Magazine, to start you on your way:

1. “Hands clasped behind your head, press the base of your skull into your hands to lengthen and draw the neck into good alignment, inhale to extend your upper back upwards and backwards, using the back of the chair to help you bend in the upper or thoracic spine. Keep your ribs and abdominals drawing in and shoulders released.

2. Keeping an upright torso and hands clasped behind the head position alternate side banding and rotations, always with moving from the abdominals and ribs drawing in, pelvis stable and using an exhale for each movement”.

Do these regularly to help with movement patterns, muscle release, torso control, circulation and a lot of other benefits. You will be more productive too.

Happy days in the office!

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