The Healing Power Of Pilates


Source: Vol. 30, Issue 4, 2012/13 Dr. Hamish Osborne, “Breast cancer treatment needs a lesson in Exercise.” 

“It is more than a decade since the World Health Organisation declared there was sufficient human evidence to say physical activity has a significant effect on the prevention of breast cancer”

Why then would any of us as Pilates practitioners be reading the Australasian College of sports physicians latest journal?  Well, I do as I am a member of Sports Medicine and may I say that from time to time, included in their research, are absolute gems for the Pilates instructor.   From a journal such as this one, we would expect that general practitioners would now be prescribing activity to all inactive men and women.  

So why does activity help?  Movement  or Pilates in particular, can  broken down into small pieces using springs and the change of ‘body’ gravity.  Adapting body restraints such as gravity helps degrees of freedom which must be controlled by the nervous system. It doesn’t matter if the client wants to jump, run, walk or whatever Pilates can use equipment (or the instructor’s experience) to design an appropriate load to support a particular limb or trunk while it heals.  In other words we are re-educating the body system. The Pilates environment is conductive to designing task oriented interventions. 

The bad effects of not enough physical activity and too much inactivity aren’t new and trendy – get on and use physical activity as a powerful tool in your arsenal and get others to do so. 

Come on people, at the Bodimind centre we prescribe plenty of activity. 

Bring and friend and have a complete workout in our small and intimate studio.  

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