Does Pilates over-cue the core?


Bodimind Centre has trained numerous Pilates students over the years. The diversity of ideas and training they bring with them adds value to the centre and fully qualified staff by keeping up with the latest trends and learnings and it gives us a unique understanding of the growth and the exciting research going on in Pilates worldwide.

Qualified instructors are required to maintain their knowledge on Pilates, this can be achieved through articles of interest that help with answering methods that are questioned either watching students go through their repertoire or from client feedback.

The latest snippet that caught our attention was from the “Pilates Coreterly”, published in California, USA and written by Lindy Royer; an Aussie lass who moved to Colorado some years ago - She has asked this question…

“Do we, as Pilates instructors, ‘over cue the core’?”

The “core” is something people have always had. It’s not something new but it is important, and Pilates teachers especially, have a deep understanding of the core… or do we? I have heard, “Squeeze your tummy until it feels like a dish rag” or, “Pull your belly button to your spine” and an assortment of other encouragements given to instructors and clients. 

The core, according to spine research is comprised of the muscles and connective tissue that corsets the spine and supports it. That is, the pelvic floor,
the diaphragm, multifidus and the transverses abdominis, called the inner unit. These muscles, as we know, can be disrupted by pain or the fear of pain (which isn’t much different really). Either way there is some sort of miscommunication happening especially when there is pain or the memory of pain. Hence we have superficial muscles such as the external obliques, rectus dominus and long back muscles doing the job that the deep core should optimally be doing.

As the Bodimind Centre is committed to providing the best information to increase the wellbeing of our clients we will be visiting the Lansdowne Physiotherapists to put this new theory to the test.

Stay tuned for further details….

Arwen McCutcheon, Director

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